Law Students

The summer associate program is important to the firm's hiring efforts and is the firm's most significant source of new lawyers. Our experience over the years has shown that the summer program is the best way for both the firm and the prospective lawyer to learn about each other and reach informed decisions about employment.

In addition to assignments involving legal research and writing, and in an effort to give law students an opportunity to learn first-hand what it's like to work for Miller & Martin, our summer associates are regularly exposed to other aspects of the firm's practices, including trials, closings, client conferences, mediations, depositions and hearings as available. The summer program is designed to provide an opportunity for students to become familiar with the firm itself, as well as the cities and surrounding areas in which the firm's offices are located.

Our summer program offers students the opportunity to work on projects in a variety of practice areas. We provide the students with access to all available projects across all practice areas, while also allowing students to request assignments from specific areas of interest. To further enhance the summer experience at Miller & Martin, each summer associate is matched with two or three mentors. Mentors are available to answer questions and assist as needed. Summer associates are formally evaluated at the mid-point of the summer and at the conclusion of the summer, and receive constructive feedback on the work they have performed while at the firm.

Please contact Caitlin Ross, Recruiting Manager, for any questions regarding a summer associate position with the firm.