Employee Training Requirements Lowered for Tennessee Drug-Free Workplace Employers

Miller & Martin PLLC Alerts | July 25, 2016

Author: Stacie Caraway

In order to maintain certification as a Tennessee Drug-Free Workplace for purposes of the workers' compensation coverage premium reduction, employers were supposed to have been conducting annual drug-free workplace training with all employees.

Effective July 1 of this year, this requirement has been reduced such that employers are no longer required to provide annual substance abuse training for each employee, if all existing employees have undergone such training at least once and acknowledge annually in writing the existence of the employer's drug-free workplace policy.

Note that this change does not eliminate the current requirement that all supervisory employees must undergo an annual minimum two-hour workplace substance abuse recognition training.

Should you have questions regarding this development or the Tennessee Drug-Free Workplace requirements generally, please contact Stacie Caraway or any other member of our Labor & Employment Law Practice Group.

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