Photo of Stacie L. Caraway

Stacie L. Caraway

Chattanooga Office

Volunteer Building Suite 1200
832 Georgia Avenue
Chattanooga, TN 37402-2289

Ms. Caraway is an employment law strategist, litigator and trainer advising national, regional and local employers on general employment law matters focusing on FMLA, ADA, pregnancy accommodation, hiring, discipline and termination issues. Ms. Caraway develops, reviews and updates human resource policies and supporting agreements, and represents employers in local, state and federal legal proceedings including the DOL, EEOC and state human rights commission investigations, mediations and lawsuits throughout the United States.

Experienced serving as legal counsel to clients across several industries, Ms. Caraway has expanded her area of practice, focusing on church law, advising churches and other religious organizations throughout the Southeast. Although these organizations have some similarities to other nonprofit entities, it is important to recognize the subtle differences in the legal requirements for churches and other religious groups. As someone of faith and sensitivity to the special needs relating to the significant moral concerns these institutions face, Ms. Caraway is able to bring insight and knowledge to proactively navigate their unique issues concerning government regulations.

Ms. Caraway is a frequent speaker at national and regional employment law symposiums, and provides in-house training and counsel to HR professionals and supervisors to help them address various employment law issues impacting companies of all sizes.

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Other Professional Accomplishments
  • Professional vocalist
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